Inspiring Worship


With a talented live band and a style that is relevant to today’s culture; we worship God with our music in spirit and in truth to pave the way for gates to open so the King of Glory might come in and be with us as we worship Him whole heartedly.

Teaching of the Word


This is a life giving word that expresses the truth of who God is and His love for us. In this world of darkness and uncertainties, there is relevance in God’s word that can be applied in our lives equipping us to walk in life abundant no matter our circumstances. It is the whole truth and nothing less…we teach, preach, believe in every written word that our Lord left us, inspired by the Holy Spirit for encouraging us in our journey call life.

Speaking Life, Loving Well


We invite you to come as you are, casual is good with us, and leave refreshed, energized and different than when you came. We are a group of people from all walks of life who are being transformed by Jesus Christ. Every week, we join together to worship God and to experience a relevant and powerful message, which teaches truths from the Bible.

Life Groups


We speak life and love well…. We build relationships in the world that we call home. We invade our community with the Love of God through small group meetings where people feel at home, loved and accepted.

Small Groups consist of 4-15 people who meet regularly to study God’s word and just talk about life. It is an environment where people pray, care for and encourage one another.